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Join a haunted ghost tour like no other! The rich history of Galveston Island infused
with thoroughly researched historical evidence and personal accounts from local residents.
No Halloween costumes or cheap tricks, this is the real thing.
Our attention to detail makes the supernatural experiences of our guests much more intense, while
providing a context to the story and a glimpse into the past where these restless spirits once walked.

An Investigation of the Samuel May Williams Estate

Are you ready for a Halloween adventure?
Brought to you by Dash Beardsley's Ghost Tours of Galveston. An event that has never taken place in this historic home before.
A founding father of Galveston, some say Samuel May Williams was also the "most hated man in Texas". His estate, the second oldest home in Galveston, is believed to be surrounded by his spirit.
Samuel May Williams established one of the first banking services in Texas; his wealth grew along with his questionable dealings, increasing his local power. It is legend that Williams left his boss in a Mexican prison to perhaps die. It is said that Stephen F Austin felt "betrayed" by his former secretary, Samuel Williams.
Many eyewitnesses have felt cold spots and described a foreboding feeling. While others have seen his ghost walk across the third story landing. Samuel May Williams passed away in 1858 from "general debility" within this house. His funeral was also conducted here. Many believe Samuel gave up the strength to liveā€¦
Come be part of this extraordinary event. With all of your ghost hunting abilities intact. This unique opportunity for a paranormal investigation on November 1st may never come again for public access.
Space is limited. The investigation takes place from 11pm to 3am, but may go over 4 hours.

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